Madison Cares Project Details

Madison Cares was initiative from Porchlight to build two new facilities to support and house homeless people with serious mental illness. This plan is an integral part Porchlight's vision to create a stronger, safer, and healthier community by serving those most in need.

One of the new buildings will be dedicated to Porchlight's Safe Haven program. Safe Haven has been successfully serving mentally ill homeless people with housing and services since 1994. Safe Haven's rented space is no longer suitable and is inadequate to meet growing needs. This new building will include fourteen single room units along with a communal kitchen, office and program space along with a second floor with an additional twelve units of permanent affordable housing.

The second building will provide twenty-four efficiency apartments for long-term housing. These buildings will allow Porchlight to continue to expand its carefully targeted, high quality housing and services to support mentally ill homeless people in our community.

The Buildings

Both buildings will be located at 4002 Nakoosa Trail, on Madison's east side. The location is on a bus line and offers a variety of services nearby. The new construction will allow for energy efficiency and solar power as well as design features that will ensure the housing will remain affordable for future decades.

Project Cost

The total project cost is $4 million which includes $3.5 million for land and construction and an additional $500,000 for an endowment to provide for maintenance and an annual source of income to maintain and expand programs.

We are very fortunate that the City of Madison is supporting the project including providing suitable land valued at approximately $420,000 along with $330,000 in HOME funds.

Please Help

The campaign has successfully met its goal, but there are still opportunities for you to help us build on the past and create a new future of housing solutions to homelessness. Consider making a donation or learn more about how you can get involved.